Stakeholders Webinar Training

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Our 45-minute webinar sessions offer performers and managers developmental training, designed to motivate deep learning and engagement.

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Talent Development

Your Gateway Attributes

Early impressions can be firm, fast, and sticky. Work ethic and positive attitude are the two (2) performance attributes managers seek to confirm in each performer – as these “gateway” attributes are widely viewed as predictive of long-term success.

In this webinar training, we uncover how Gateway Attributes (Work Ethic and Positive Attitude) shape early impressions and offer a practical framework for adopting the workplace behaviors that signal strong work ethic and positive attitude.

Understanding Your Manager (Including the not so Obvious Stuff)

In retail, it is said the more you know about the customer, the easier it is to sell. The same is true with respect to managers. The more a performer knows about managers (how they think, their priorities, how they evaluate), the easier it is to contribute in ways that managers value.

In this webinar training, we deconstruct the customer called manager, helping performers get an inside look into the work-life of managers – the things they think about, how they manage time, their stressors, how trust is built, and how they evaluate team members.

What it Means to Own Your Work: An Assignment Protocol

It is said the best performers own their work – meaning that their work product is concise, clear, well organized and reflects high levels of care, and analysis. The work of these performers  is rigorous but not overdone, and their service is highly responsive and anticipates the needs of their manager.

In this webinar, we give meaning to the term “owning your work” by introducing performers to a step-by-step protocol that reflects the ways of working of top performers.

The Performance Game Changer Called Initiative

With respect to your workplace performance, your manager is evaluating your:
Can do (an assessment of your technical skills and work product), and ✓ Will do (an assessment of your Initiative).

Initiative (Work Initiative and Learning Initiative) is a consistent differentiator between good and superstar performers. The problem is, we seldom deconstruct Initiative, clearly communicating how it is produced by top performers.

In this webinar, we empower performers with the tools to confidently “produce” workplace Initiative.

Mentoring 101 (for Mentees): Effective Communication with Your Mentor

You are a busy performer and would love to have a mentoring relationship that will stretch your capabilities and help accelerate your growth. Building a comfortable relationship with a new mentor can be challenging and sometimes a bit awkward.

Building a quality relationship with a mentor is possible but requires an approach to mentoring that reflects your workplace reality and that of your mentor.

In this webinar, we will give you a set of tools to conduct developmentally rich conversations with your mentor – ones designed to facilitate connection and motivate mentor engagement.

Effective Sponsorship (for Mentors and Sponsors)

In this training, we will introduce an approach to mentorship and sponsorship that reflects the workplace reality of today’s time constrained manager – one where most managers have more tasks than time. Mentoring Moments℠ are targeted conversations that are designed to deliver the benefits of mentoring in ways that are time effective for mentors yet developmentally impactful for mentees.

Mentoring Moments℠ will give mentors and sponsors a set of user-friendly tools to deliver actionable “how to do it” strategies and focused feedback in areas to include goal setting, relationship building, feedback-seeking, service initiative, learning initiative, self-development, and career ownership.

The Highly Coachable Performer

Many performers confuse the desire to be coached (supported and mentored) with their “coachability” – actual willingness to take direction and motivate manager investment. The top-performing performers who attract manager investment, are widely viewed as highly coachable.

In this webinar, we will deconstruct the mindset, self-awareness attributes, followership, contribution, and self-investment habits of highly coachable top performers.

Relationship Building 101: Building a Framework for Enduring Relationships within your Team and Network

In the global organization, building deep enduring workplace relationships is an indispensable skill that will influence your performance and the performance of your team– as relationship building enables knowledge sharing, decision making, and collaboration.

In this webinar, we will introduce a user-friendly framework to help you invest in, nurture, and build enduring workplace relationships within your team and broader workplace network.

Building Exceptional Feedback Seeking Skills

It is impossible to achieve your full potential without quality feedback from your manager and colleagues.

Performers skilled at soliciting quality feedback develop faster and deliver the greatest value to their teams. Additionally, these performers can leverage feedback to strengthen and more accurately assess the health of their workplace relationships – as feedback allows your team members to make recommendations that help confirm you trust them and their judgment.

In this webinar, we will offer an actionable framework for building the feedback-seeking, feedback delivery, and feedback response skills top performers adopt.

Client Development

Building Brand and Creating Preference

Building Brand begins with understanding the client’s need to track and envision their experience with you long before they form any intention to hire you – as it is always easier for a client to hire you if you have built a Positive Presence (made it easy for prospective clients to observe you) in the marketplace, built Mindshare (developed client curiosity about your work), and Created Preference (helped the prospective client envision receiving value from you).

In this webinar, we set forth a practical framework for building a Brand – an understanding of the investments and performance behaviors needed to build a Positive Presence, Mindshare, and Create Preference with sophisticated clients.

The Perfect Pitch

A high impact pitch is not simply a showcase of technical capabilities. Rather, the effective pitch provides the information that will help clients confirm what they presently know about your Brand (see above) and more accurately predict the ‘experienced quality’ of your service – as clients view the pitch as an opportunity to predict their likely experience with you.

In this webinar, we deliver pitch training (an examination of the anatomy of the ‘perfect pitch’); and conduct an interactive exercise that allows attorneys to inhabit the perspective of the client (see the pitch through the lens of clients) and examine the extent to which they project differentiated value to firm and prospective clients.

The Referral Ready Partner: Building Cross-sell Opportunities

Cross-selling occurs when senior partners (1) invite new and junior partners to participate in existing workstreams or (2) recommend new and junior partners to existing clients in connection with a potential new matter. In all instances, the new/junior partner must be cross-sell ready – skilled at cultivating the internal brand and relationships needed to be in a reliable stream of cross-sell opportunities.
There are, however, some inconvenient truths about cross-selling (for current and new work):

  1. Becoming a fist choice option for key client service teams is vital to the growth and development of new and junior partners – no exceptions.
  2. To expect a colleague to add a new/junior partner to their client team simply because the partner is diverse and possesses a strong set of technical skills is unrealistic.
  3. The high levels of self-discipline needed to build technical legal skills does not necessarily translate into the social discipline needed to nurture the internal relationships that support cross-selling.
  4. Cross-selling is form of referral tantamount to sponsorship – as the principal difference between the partners who render referrals (cross-sell) and those who do not is the level of risk they are prepared to take – the amount of Reputational Capital and Relationship Capital they are willing to expend on behalf of a diverse partner.

These inconvenient truths require new/junior partners to adopt a practical approach to building the levels of knowledge and trust required for cross-selling to actually happen.

In this 60-minute training, we examine what top performing new/junior partners do to become cross-sell ready – partners who are consistently in the path of cross-sell opportunities.


The High Impact Affinity Group: A Matter of Practicing Affinity

The greatest value is not delivered via individual contribution. Rather, contributions in the context of team have the greatest and most enduring impact.

Affinity groups are designed to capture the power of team. Affinity groups, however, really only deliver value to the organization when the members actually practice affinity – working collaboratively on projects of substance and demonstrating genuine group accountability.

In this webinar, we take a look at what affinity groups do to become a dynamic resource for learning, sharing, and investment – with a particular focus on what the best affinity groups do to self-evaluate, set goals, intensify connection between members, and deepen levels of developmental investment and collaboration among group members.

Building Inclusion Talent

A well-intentioned pledge of inclusion is great, but doesn’t really change outcomes if no one really knows exactly what they must do and the investments they must make in order for inclusion to happen.

In this webinar, we focus on what inclusive leaders actually do, the small changes that have a large and sustainable impact on a practical, easy to apply framework for elevating levels of inclusion on your team, group, or organization.