COVID-19 Workplace Webinars

Associate Training

Connecting Deeply with Partners (During the Transition to a Post-COVID Workplace)

COVID-19 and stay at home orders have disrupted the cadence of work and communication – and with good reason, many associates feel some anxiety about the future.   

To create conditions for success in a post-COVID work environment, associates must now begin to motivate investment remotely, adopting a strong set communication and feedback seeking habits – ones that signal high levels of engagement and coachability.

In this 60-minute training, we will share some of the communication, followership, and self-investment habits top performing associates are adopting in their efforts to productively interact with and motivate the investment of partners during this period of stay-at-home work – habits that will build strong developmental momentum as we transition into a post-COVID.

Partner Training

Connecting with Associates Remotely

During this period of COVID-19, Stakeholders is coaching over 221 associates from 23 Am Law 100 law firms.   The top three (3) areas of focus for associates right now are:   

  • Maintaining strong work flows
  • Identifying growth assignments
  • Gain insights into how to handle work and the progression of career, especially as we enter a post Covid-19 world.

All associates (most notably, top performing associates) are presently thinking deeply about their careers – trying to assess where they are relative to where they want to go.   This means career conversations are a gateway to activating associate engagement and commitment.

In this 60-minute training, we will share some of key career conversations partners are adopting to activate high levels of associate engagement and communication with associates during this transition from stay-at-home work to a post-COVID work environment.