COVID-19 Workplace Webinars

Leader Training

Feeling Valued During COVID-19: Managing Remotely

The anxiety performers are experiencing is real.  The work at home dynamic has dramatically changed the cadence of work, and with the high levels of “alone time,” many people are examining how durable (or fragile) their workplace relationships really are.

Maybe most important, many performers are asking themselves: Am I really valued?

Experts at Korn Ferry have accurately observed that after three months of having their work lives upended— with new fears of a pandemic renewed—many in your workforce are beginning to wonder if what they’re doing is really worth it.  Almost 27% of nearly 2,000 respondents in a Wall Street Journal survey agreed with the statement, “I’m not considered essential or don’t think I am, but I’m still working.

Leaders must have the tools to address one of the most important unexpressed needs of all employees – the need to feel valued.

In this 60-minute webinar training, we will examine the Ten (10) Ways People Feel Valued During COVID-19, empowering managers with the practical tools needed to drive connection and inspire engagement during this time of disruption and uncertainty.

Associate Training

Connecting with Partners/Managers while working remotely

COVID-19 and stay at home orders have disrupted the cadence of work and communication, with many performers feeling some anxiety about the future.

To create conditions for success, performers need to adopt a strong set remote work communication, feedback-seeking habits, ones that support productive interactions with managers – about work and career matters.

In this 45-minute training, we will share some of the communication and engagement habits top-performing associates are adopting in their efforts to productively interact with managers during this period of stay at home work.