2nd Annual CYOC First Year Academy

2nd Annual CYOC First Year Academy

Successful on-boarding of your associates of color is critical.  With COVID-19, delayed bar exam and work start dates, the first-year associate likely has some anxiety about their ability to replicate their academic success in a law firm setting.  Time constrained partners and senior associates who are seeking to restore and grow workflows, will demand practice ready associates – associates skilled at acclimating and becoming productive members of the practice group. This means new attorneys of color need strong developmental training more than ever.  The first 12 months will be critical in shaping early impressions and opportunities.

Relationship Talent
The first-year associates who gain early career momentum develop Relationship Talent (the ability to build strong workplace relationships) that matches their Task Doing Talent (the ability to execute work assignments.

Our goal is to offer the first-year associate a framework for building strong relationships and understanding the role relationships play with respect to support, quality feedback, access to informal networks and premium work.  Each associate to leave our First Year Academy with the tools and mindset needed to build strong relationships within the practice group and beyond. 

Our Focus: Building Practice Ready Associates
Our First Year Academy is designed to provide (1) direct insights into the mindset and ways of working of top performing first year associates and (2) a window into the priorities, investment patterns and preferences of senior associates and partners.

Our goal is to place the first-year associate in a better position to picture and produce the performance attributes vital to building momentum in year one. Each associate to leave our First Year Academy practice ready.

We have recruited associates recognized by their firms as top performers. These top performers, along with Stakeholder trainers, team leader partners, diversity and professional development leaders, will lead each panel and presentation. 

To create an immersive learning experience, the 2021 First Year Academy will be delivered in two (2) phases.  Phase I will consist of a monthly virtual learning experience, consisting of presentations, and panel discussions. Phase II will be a two (2) day in person conference, consisting of panel discussions, role plays, and small group sessions.

Phase I – Virtual Training and Panels

March-August, 2021

Delivered by members of the First Year Academy faculty, our 60-minute webinars and panel discussions are designed to offer a framework for understanding 1) the ways of working and ways of relationship building of top performing junior associates and 2) the investment patterns of partners.

March 2021
The Retailer Called You: The Rules of Retail Workshop

April 2021
The Insights of Top Performing Associates

May 2021
What it Means to “Own Your Work”

June 2021
The Not So Obvious Things to Know about Partners and Service Teams

July 2021
The Mindsets of Top Performers

August 2021
Building Strong Internal Relationships

Phase II – Live Conference

November 12-14, 2021

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pentagon City, Virginia

At CYOC, we deliver a rich, high energy learning experience grounded in practical strategies and straight talk.  Our goals are simple: to inform, affirm, and build meaningful relationships.

Building on the Phase I experience, with Phase II, we will bring Academy participants together to connect and place them in the path of the information needed to sustain momentum.

Conference Panels and Presentations

  • The High Impact Performance Review Meeting
  • Leveraging Diversity and D&I Resources
  • Elevating Your Feedback Seeking Skills
  • The Anatomy of Career Ownership
  • Dollars and Sense: A Framework for Financial Wellness
  • What it Means to be Authentic at Work
  • Managing Moments of Truth Workshop
  • Ten (10) Key Mentoring Moments
  • Becoming Highly Coachable
  • Decoding Confidence and Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence and Why It Matters