Thomas R. Flippen, Sr.

Tom is an executive coach, specializing in active career management coaching and advising executive leadership teams.

He is certified in EQi 2.0, EQ 360, various coaching assessments, and is an active participant in the College of Executive Coaches. Tom began his career at Procter and Gamble, followed by a stellar career as Vice President of Sales at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he led an organization of 1,400 people and generated annual revenue of over $2 billion. Tom worked as the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Merryck & Co., a consulting firm helping business leaders build successful businesses and lead fulfilling lives.

Tom has served as a leadership coach to corporate and compliance attorneys at global corporations and partners in large legal firms. He has also collaborated with CANDOR and Clearstone Consulting by developing business leaders, lawyers, General Counsels, and corporations to create effective leadership strategies.

Tom earned his BA from Fisk University. He and his wife reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Naples, Florida.

Andrea (Andi) Groomes

Andi is an executive coach specializing in business development, career navigation, communications and leadership.

Andi is a certified coach, trained at Coach Training Institute with additional certifications in Neuro-Lingusitic Programing (NLP), EQi 2.0 and EQ 360. Andi has been coaching and consulting for over ten years, with a 6 year focus in the legal industry supporting lawyers with career advancement and business development. Prior to this, Andi successfully navigated a 22 year career at Cigna Healthcare with leadership positions in finance, operations and sales. During her tenure there, she managed award winning sales teams with her final position as Sales Vice President in the Metro New York region.

Andi has also facilitated training and coached communication skills in the financial industry, while also coaching advisors in building multi-million dollar practices.

Andi earned her B.A. in Finance from Montclair State University. She, her husband Ben and son Micah live in Marina Del Rey, California.

Sonja M. Salmon

Sonja is a certified executive coach, specializing in leadership development with emerging and senior leaders. Sonja brings a collaborative and values-based approach to coaching by working with individuals to develop and action sustainable career development strategies.

Sonja is also an entrepreneur and business strategy consultant. She served as General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer for HSBC where she earned a reputation as an energizing team leader who cultivated cohesive and high-performing teams. Previously, she was Senior Counsel with the Mergers & Acquisitions group at RBC Financial Group. A strong proponent of diversity in thought and approach, Sonja is motivated to support leaders to leverage personal strengths and to optimize individual impact.

Sonja is a certified Mastermind Executive Coach who is also certified in EQi 2.0 and EQ360. She resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and two sons.