We routinely work with law firm and law department leaders to introduce innovative strategies designed to drive attorney performance and differentiation.

Law Firm Leadership

Competency Frameworks and the Success Pathway for Associates

Associates cannot exemplify competencies that they can only describe. Our Success Pathways tool is designed to help law firms maximize the developmental value of their competency framework – empowering associates to actually see and produce the desired competencies.

Successful Associate? Successful Partner: A Leadership Discussion

Many very gifted senior associates ‘make partner’ yet find that they are lacking the full complement of client development and client service skills needed to become successful partners. In this leadership discussion, we examine the attributes of the successful partner in the New Normal and how those attributes are effectively cultivated in mid and senior level associates.

On-Boarding Laterals in the New Normal: A Leadership Discussion

Both the lateral attorney and the law firm embark on the relationship; one predicated on certain assumptions and expectations about production, portability of lateral’s clients, billing opportunities with respect to clients, compensation, social integration, career ownership and accountability. A partner questionnaire followed by practice group specific hiring and integration efforts often yield inconsistent results. Our lateral hiring protocol and integration planning tool is designed for consistent vetting and fast track integration of lateral hires.

Next Level Diversity: A Leadership Discussion

This training is designed for Executive Committees, Diversity Committees and leaders who are interested in taking a fresh look at diversity. We believe it is impossible to realize the promise of diversity without examining and incorporating the ‘ways of working’ of the diverse attorneys who actually succeed in today’s elite law firm.

Law Department Leadership

Building the Law Department Value Story

To avoid client characterization as a ‘discretionary expense center’ or self-declarations as ‘business partners’, law department leaders and their staffs must identify how they are a reliable independent source of enterprise value, as value is defined by the business unit client. Simply stated, the law department must be intentional in its efforts to demonstrate and communicate Value Clarity.

In this presentation, we set forth the practical strategies law departments are deploying to develop a clear and compelling Value Story.

Law Departments and Diversity: A Matter of Succession Planning

This presentation is designed for law department leaders who are interested in practical strategies increasing the number of diverse attorneys who are on a trajectory to becoming indispensable members of the outside counsel service team. Our succession planning tool allows law departments to contribute to the attorney development inputs that reliably lead to real and sustainable diversity results.