Today’s in-house practitioner must be perceived (by clients) to deliver value that extends well beyond the traditional legal service model – technical expertise and cost vigilance. The high impact in-house counsel understands that their value does not reside narrowly in what they do. Rather, their value is increasingly a function of the impact of what they do.

The Path to High Impact Relationships

Premium employee learning and development, collaboration, decision making, mentoring, advocacy, and promotional opportunities, are each transacted in the context of workplace relationships.

In the global organization, building deep enduring workplace relationships with key stakeholders (colleagues, clients, leaders) is an indispensable skill that will influence assessments of your current impact and future potential – as relationship building enables knowledge sharing, decision making, and collaboration across cultures. Additionally, employees with the strongest workplace relationships also reflect the highest levels of employee engagement and retention.

In this training, we examine the ‘ways of relationship building’ of top performers – what they do to invest in, nurture, and build enduring workplace relationships.

Key Learning Objectives include:

  • The 10 ‘Unwritten Rules’ of building strong workplace relationships.
  • Finding ‘likeness’ as the pathway to building rapport and connecting across cultures.
  • Development of a framework for active relationship investment – the investments top performers make in their workplace relationships (when no one is watching).
  • The role of self-awareness and empathy in shaping relationship building success.
  • Measuring the health and value of your workplace relationships.
  • The role of anticipatory service, service recovery, and moment of truth performance in building workplace loyalty.

Building Your Value Story

Value Story speaks to what the Legal function (and individual in-house contributors) do (and commit to do in the future) to create new value for the organization – identifying how in-house attorney efforts contribute to the competitive advantage of the company.

Traditionally, law departments have portrayed their value in terms of ‘deals closed’, ‘loss avoidance’, ‘exposure mitigated’ and other metrics tied to matter execution, cost or risk reduction. Such a presentation of value, however, is a limited portrayal of the potential enterprise value of the law department.

This interactive training conducted by Stakeholders is designed to challenge attorneys to consider the relationship between ‘deals closed’, ‘cases won’ and new value created. This training is designed:

  • To help in-house contributors consider the importance of developing measurable standards of performance, impact and value – as value is defined by the global business unit client.
  • To introduce in-house contributors to that provide a practical framework for directing individual and department efforts to value creating outcomes.

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