The stakeholders coaching process involves four (4) steps delivered over a six-month initial coaching engagement outlined below.

Coaching engagements are initiated by establishing rapport, commitments and guidelines for the relationship between coach, sponsor and coaching participant. This alignment is an important foundation for optimal results. The standard introduction includes a review of responsibilities for confidentiality along with completion of coach’s welcome packet for the identification of discovery data, goals, objectives, expectations and career history.

Individuals who desire extended support are encouraged to renew the initial engagement in six-month increments.


Goals & Outcomes

We identify the most important objectives and specific performance goals for the coaching participant and their sponsor. Designing objectives, metrics and timelines at this stage assures that the benefits are clearly achieved and the return on investment is known. We do this by:

Identifying the three highest priority objectives.

Developing a concrete, measurable, outcome-based action plan.

Review & Assess

Comprehensive information gathering from coaching participant, mentors, productivity data, and performance reviews supports the design of a developmental plan that is customized for the participant. Sources of information include, but are not limited to:

Assessment instruments such as DiSC or EQi 2.0

Feedback from performance reviews and other sources of feedback from team members

Transition & Momentum

This is the time when the coach and coaching participant begin to create the opportunity to put the desired learning into action by creating experiments, feedback loops and structures that create momentum leading to desired results. Follow-up actions include:

Coach provides the necessary support through monthly one (1) hour formal coaching sessions.

On-the-spot coaching – Desired time-sensitive or urgent professional issues outside of the scheduled coaching session

Key stakeholder involvement when appropriate

Evaluation & Follow Up

At the end of the coaching engagement, a review of the entire engagement takes place and recommended next steps for the coaching participant and the sponsor are identified.

An Executive Summary delivered to coaching participant and sponsor that identifies overall outcome of the engagement along with next steps for continued progress.