Building Brand and Creating Preference

Building Brand begins with understanding the client’s need to track and envision their experience with you long before they form any intention to hire you – as it is always easier for a client to hire you if you have built a Positive Presence (made it easy for prospective clients to observe you) in the marketplace, built Mindshare (developed client curiosity about your work), and Created Preference (helped the prospective client envision receiving value from you).

In this training we set forth a practical framework for building a Brand – an understanding of the investments and performance behaviors needed to build a Positive Presence, Mindshare, and Create Preference with sophisticated clients.

The Perfect Pitch

A high impact pitch is not simply a showcase of technical capabilities. Rather, the effective pitch provides the information that will help clients confirm what they presently know about your Brand (see above) and more accurately predict the ‘experienced quality’ of your service – as clients view the pitch as an opportunity to predict their likely experience with you.

In this session, we deliver pitch training (an examination of the anatomy of the ‘perfect pitch’); and conduct an interactive exercise that allows attorneys to inhabit the perspective of the client (see the pitch through the lens of clients) and examine the extent to which they project differentiated value to firm and prospective clients.

Converting Clients to Active Loyal

If you are not deepening your relationship with clients, it is depreciating in value – to them.

Transforming a client relationship into a deep loyalty driven relationship is a learned skill – as many longstanding clients are in fact ‘passive loyal’ – remain very open to the marketing messages of competitors and are not actively looking to extend their use of your services.

The active loyal clients offer extraordinary benefits in addition to providing current work – they are both expanding their work with you and are in the marketplace talking to others about the knowledge, ways of working and relationships they are gaining from you.

In this training we set forth the deliberate investments partners make to deepen their value to longstanding institutional clients – converting passive loyal clients to active loyal clients, one’s who’ll stick with you and routinely recommend you to others.

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