Since 1998, we have delivered one of a kind conference programming. Our formula is simple. We only invite speakers who are top performers and are comfortable to engaging our audience in a ‘straight talk’ format. We now bring this formula to our webinar offerings.

Charting Your Own Course

Career ​and ​Life ​Strategies: ​ ​We ​seek ​to ​empower ​attorneys ​of ​color ​with ​practical ​career ​and ​life ​strategies ​for ​short ​and ​long ​term ​success. ​We have developed a faculty of top-performing attorneys who are prepared to speak candidly about their ways of working in self-development.

Enduring Relationships: ​At CYOC, you will witness deep relationships – the types of relationships that drive career outcomes and provide life fulfilment. We ​seek ​to ​share ​the ​skills ​and ​know-how ​needed ​to ​build ​and ​cultivate ​commercially ​and ​personally ​relevant ​relationships ​and ​knowledge ​networks.

Accountability: ​We ​create ​a ​environment ​to ​support ​and ​encourage ​attorneys ​who ​feel ​accountable ​to ​each ​other-regardless ​of ​firm ​or ​company ​affiliation. CYOC is an investor conference, where we focus our energy on how we can invest in your development and growth, and be accountable to each other – what we can contribute.

Thank you for joining us and being stakeholders in this important effort.

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Competencies Through the Eyes of the Top Performer

Throughout the year, panels of top performing in-house attorneys, law firm partners and associates will discuss key attorney competencies as seen and produced by the top performer.

Client Development Through the Eyes of Clients

This webinar features discussions with prominent in-house counsel as they reflect on client development and how their best outside counsel add differentiated value.


  • Date: February 8-10, 2019
    Event: 19th Annual CYOC Career Development Conference

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    Location: Ritz Carlton Orlando Hotel Grande Lakes, FL

  • Date: February 7-8, 2019
    Event: Men’s and Women’s Pre-conference

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    Location: Ritz Carlton Orlando Hotel Grande Lakes, FL