Associate Development

  • A Letter to a 1st Year Associate
  • Dear Managing Partner
  • Associates Do Not Want to be Partners: So What?
  • Why Positive Attitude is Vital for Associates
  • Variable Compensation and the Boiling Frog
  • Consistent Feedback: Guaranteed

PD Professionals

  • Mentoring: Lessons from the Shopping Mall
  • Competencies: The Great Breakthrough
  • Dear Managing Partner

New Partners and Laterals

  • You’re A Partner…Now What?: A Time for Differentiated Value
  • Lateral Liabilities and Firm Expectations


  • A Letter to the Chief Diversity Officer
  • The Need for a Diversity Endgame
  • The Mindset of the Diverse Top Performer
  • A Time for Conviction: Charting Your Own Course
  • Law Firm Competencies: A Diversity Breakthrough

Client Development

  • Client Development: It’s About Brand Not Marketing
  • Client Development: Don’t Buy Clothes from a Naked Man